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Streaming services are slowly but surely taking over the way people watch TV nowadays. This means that many television providers are struggling to reach viewers. However, not all is grim. There are still many excellent providers that offer services for satellite TV.

It's an alternative to cable TV, and one of the main differences is that it uses a dish instead of cables to get the TV signal. This article will explore two of the best satellite TV providers, DIRECTV, and DISH Satellite TV. These providers are competitors, and both offer really attractive and accessible satellite TV packages.


DIRECTV, a direct broadcast satellite service provider, is a subsidiary of AT&T Communications. The company manages a total of 13 satellites in orbit, which means that it offers reliable coverage for North America. DIRECTV is probably one of the best choices for all sports fans, especially when it comes to football. It includes NFL Sunday Ticket, so that's a bonus.

For people who already use AT&T services at home, getting DIRECTV might make more sense. DIRECTV has a lot of packages to offer, including Spanish and International deals. Subscribers can even customize their plan. But below are the three satellite TV packages that are the most popular and recommended.

DIRECTV Packages

The first and the most affordable TV package comes with a price of $49.99 per month. The subscription offers 155+ channels, including Nickelodeon, TBT, SyFy, TV Land, etc. Subscribing to this package also brings three months of premium channels. Also included in the package is the Genie HD DVR. However, additional or more advanced receivers will cost extra.

The mid-tier option has 185+ channels, 85 of which are in HD. And the price is just slightly higher, sitting at $59.99 per month. One of the significant benefits of this satellite TV package is all the ESPN channels. The NFL Sunday Ticket is also a part of this plan. The free three months of premium channels like HBO, Starz, and Cinemax are also included.

This appropriately named package comes with whopping 250+ channels and 115 of them in HD. The price tag is $74.99, and it contains many more perks than the previous two. For example, apart from the NFL Sunday Ticket, subscribers can look forward to channels like CBS Sports Network, Boomerang, and National Geographic Wild. The free three-month premium channels are also included in this package.

DISH Satellite TV

Having been around since the 1980s, DISH is a very famous brand in the US. The company has perfected the satellite TV service and does a fantastic job of letting their subscribers customize their TV packages. More so than other providers. Several years ago, DISH introduced a DVR box called Hopper, which is included in the entire setup. This amazing device can record up to 16 programs at once and offers excellent 4K image quality.

In total, DISH TV has over 700 standard and premium channels. They also have numerous packages and several special offers, but there are four basic and most popular ones that cover most of the needs average subscribers might have. All of the DISH TV packages come with a two-year TV price guarantee, smart HD DVR, and a free Google Voice remote.

America’s Top 120

Reasonably priced at $59.99 per month, this is the most affordable DISH TV offer. The package contains 190 channels, some of which are considered US favorites. Some of the channels included are ESPN, Disney Channel, E! And CMT. The number of on-demand titles goes over 28,000, which is pretty impressive. Local channels are also included.

America’s Top 120 Plus

For $15 more, subscribers can get almost everything identical to America’s Top 120, but with a little extra. Football lovers will enjoy the NFL Network and regional sports channels. The SEC Network is in the package, as well as Big Ten Network, and Pac – 12. The full price of this DISH Satellite TV package is currently $74.99 per month.

America’s Top 200

DISH claim that this TV package is their Best Valued offer. And the title is deserved. For $84.99 per month, it brings 240+ channels, over 35,000 titles on-demand, and apart from all the local and regional sports channels, there’s lots more to discover. As far as the sports channels go, future subscribers can expect ESPN, MLB Network, NBA Network, NHL Network, and Golf Channel. All-time favorites are there too – Hallmark, Bravo, Disney, A & E, and Sundance.

America’s Top 250

The top-tier package that comes with most features and options costs $94.99 per month. People who decide that they want the maximum DISH TV can offer can find 290+ channels in this package. This deal includes everything America’s Top 200 does, but with 17 movie channels like The Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, STARZ Encore, and others. More exclusive channels like Smithsonian, Bloomberg, and TheBlaze are also a par to it. There are 36,000 free on-demand titles available as well.

DISH TV Special Offers

DISH TV also has some pretty amazing offers for seniors, and most deserving citizens like first responders, and members of the military. They have created TV packages that are of great value and have some extra perks. The 55+ Offer included free in-home services from DISH technicians. Their Stars & Stripes Pack can be added to any of their existing packages, free of charge. The same applies to first responders, if they also get a Hopper DVR upgrade.

Making the Right Choice for Satellite TV

There are many advantages to using satellite TV. A wide selection of channels and excellent image quality represents a couple of them. It can also be very convenient and superior to the cable connection, and many people prefer it. DIRECTV and DISH TV are at the top when it comes to going with the best satellite TV package.

It's all about access, price, and what's included. Future subscribers are also going to lean towards one package compared to another depending on whether they’re sports or movie fans, or they just love the news. Both of these companies have something for everyone.

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