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Internet speeds are dependent on where you live and you may receive slower speeds than listed. All our monthly costs are inclusive of line rental. Prices may change during this period unless otherwise stated. You should have the right to cancel without penalty if your provider increases charges during the minimum term of your contract. Contract lengths may vary.

About TV, broadband, and phone deals

If you're subscribing to a TV service, a package deal can help you save money. Combine your phone, broadband, and TV bills into one with the help of a bundle.

What you'll find in a bundle

TV, broadband, and phone deals offer you a convenient alternative to shelling out on separate subscriptions. You'll sign one contract, which gives you access to home broadband, a subscription TV service, such as AT&T, and a landline phone. Prices are competitive, so you can save money — provided, of course, that you actually use the services.

  • Broadband — Broadband is at the heart of every bundle offer. This could be ADSL or fibre. A standard bundle will give you full digital connectivity.
  • TV — The TV side of your bundle comes in the form of a subscription service. You might find a number of different options with various channels available. For example, if you're sports-mad, look for a bundle that will give you full access to the sports channels you want.
  • Home phone — Your bundle will almost always include line rental. That's how broadband comes into your home. As well as this, a bundle may include special phone deals, such as free weekend or evening calls.
  • Mobile SIM — This isn't always included in a bundle. However, some providers do now offer a mobile contract as part of the package. This way, you'll

Why bundle? Potential savings and more

Bundling is convenient, both when shopping for home services and when paying your monthly bill, but it can also come with upfront and monthly savings. Many providers offer monthly discounts of $10 off or more per service when you bundle. In addition to monthly savings, many providers incentivize customers to bundle with special offers such as:

  • Free installation
  • Included streaming services
  • Rental fee waivers
  • Equipment or package upgrades

Compare TV

Triple play internet, TV and phone

Triple play bundles typically come with the most savings. Some providers may even include home phone at no extra cost when you bundle internet and TV together. We’ve listed some popular triple play deals below, but additional options are likely to be available in your area.

ProvidersPackageStarting PriceDownload speeds up toChannels
Cox logoCox TV Starter, Internet Starter 10 and Voice Premier$64.99/mo.*10 Mbps75+
Frontier logoInternet 50M/50M Custom Essentials TV and Digital Voice$74.99/mo.*50 Mbps130+
Optimum logoCore TV, Optimum 300 and Phone$75.00/mo.*300 Mbps220+
Spectrum logoTriple Play Select$99.97/mo.*200 Mbps125+
Verizon logoMix and Match 200 Mbps, Your Fios TV and home phone$109.99/mo.*200 Mbps125+
Xfinity logoStandard Triple Play$79.99/mo.*100 Mbps125+

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 08/11/20.

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