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Internet speeds are dependent on where you live and you may receive slower speeds than listed. All our monthly costs are inclusive of line rental. Prices may change during this period unless otherwise stated. You should have the right to cancel without penalty if your provider increases charges during the minimum term of your contract. Contract lengths may vary.

Compare the best TV and Internet deals

A bundle that combines TV and Internet offers convenience and savings. Just make sure you choose the right package.

Internet and TV packages

If you're already paying separately for Internet and TV, you could be wasting money. It's usually significantly cheaper to sign up for the two together as part of a bundle. This bundle generally comes with a landline number, although it's possible to find one without.

Your bundle will offer home Internet, as well as a TV subscription service. This is where things can get tricky. With a huge number of different TV services out there, sometimes it can be hard to know which one to choose. Some providers offer little more than free view, while others having literally hundreds of channels available.

What to look for in a TV and Internet deal

Take a look at our comparison tables, and be sure to watch out for the following:

  • Internet speed — One rule of thumb is to allow 10Mbps for every internet-using member of the household. Double that for gamers and streaming addicts. For more advice, check out our Internet speed guide.
  • Channels — Go for quality over quantity; there's no point paying for hundreds of channels you're never going to watch. Look for the ones that are important for you, whether that's sports, films, or kids' TV.
  • Contract length — Most Internet and TV bundles will require you to sign up for at least a year. Some might offer better prices in exchange for a longer contract, but this isn't always the best idea. Try to get out early, and you'll wind up paying a hefty penalty fee. Learn more about contracts with our guide.
  • Price — Think about your budget and stick to it. You may have to weigh up more channels against lower costs to choose the bundle that's right for you.
  • Type of TV — If you choose a bundle from Sky, you'll need a satellite dish on the side of your home. Some customers or building guidelines may not like that idea. Virgin Media offers cable TV, while the other providers use your internet connection.
  • Type of Internet — ADSL, or standard Internet, is the least expensive and slowest. If you live alone, or nobody in your household is a big internet user, it'll be fine - but for higher speeds, you'll need to look for fiber Internet. Extremely high speeds are only widely available from Virgin's cable Internet packages.

Pros and cons of a TV and Internet bundle

Before signing any kind of deal, it’s always worth considering your options. In the case of a Internet and TV bundle, there’s plenty to recommend it – but it may not be right for everyone. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:

Reasons to choose a bundle

  • It's cheap — If you're already paying for a TV subscription service, it makes a lot of sense. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a cheaper option with TV and Internet sold separately.
  • It's convenient — You might find it easier to manage your finances when you have just one bill coming out instead of two. The more subscriptions you have, the more bills you have to remember. A bundle simplifies things.
  • The products can sync together — For example, if you buy a bundle with 4K TV capabilities, it’ll also include internet that's fast enough. If you buy things separately, the products aren’t always compatible.

Compare TV

Double play internet and TV

Most cable and fiber-optic providers offer double play bundles featuring just internet and TV. We’ve listed some cheap internet and TV offers from popular providers below, but you likely have additional bundle options available at your address.

ProvidersPackageStarting priceDownload speeds up toChannels
At&t logoAT&T Internet and AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT$89.98/mo.*1,000 Mbps65+
Cox logoInternet Starter 10 and Starter TV$54.99/mo.*10 Mbps75+
Mediacom logoSilver Double Play$69.98/mo.*60 Mbps170+
Optimum logoOptimum 300 and Core TV$65.00/mo.*300 Mbps220+
Spectrum logoDouble Play Select$89.98/mo.*200 Mbps125+
Xfinity logoPerformance Starter + TV Extra$70.00/mo.*25 Mbps125+

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 08/11/20.

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