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Internet FAQs

  • What’s the cheapest internet connection?

    DSL and cable typically offer the cheapest internet connections. DSL providers such as Frontier and Windstream have inexpensive internet plans starting at or below $30/mo. Cable providers Cox, Mediacom and Xfinity also have basic internet plans starting at under $30/mo.*

  • Can I get affordable internet without a phone line?

    Cable and fiber-optic internet are great options for cheap internet without a phone line. Depending on which providers are available in your area, cable internet could start as low as $19.99/mo. Many fiber-optic providers have plans starting around $40-$50/mo. DSL service, though requiring a phone line for service, also presents low-cost internet options in many areas.

  • Is ADSL or cable internet faster?

    Cable internet supports higher bandwidth and faster speeds than ADSL internet. Cable internet plans vary by location, but cable internet can deliver more than 10x the speeds of DSL in select areas.

  • What kind of cable is used for internet?

    Cable internet uses a coaxial cable, the same as cable TV service. Within the coaxial cable is a copper or copper-plated steel line which carries internet signals from a provider to a residence. Other cables used for internet include telephone lines and fiber-optic cables.

  • What is a good cable internet speed?

    Cable internet is capable of delivering a wide speed spectrum. A good cable internet speed for most homes is 100 Mbps or higher, but a “good” speed depends on your needs.

  • Is fiber internet available in my area?

    Fiber internet is available to about 41% of the U.S. population. Large metro areas are the most common service areas for fiber optic connections. Actual availability may be limited to certain ZIP codes or neighborhoods within a city.

  • Does fiber internet require a special modem?

    You will likely need a new modem and router for fiber internet service as traditional cable and DSL modems are not compatible. Fortunately, fiber internet providers either include a modem or offer one to rent or purchase with their internet plans.


  • How much is cable TV in my area?

    Basic cable TV plans can range from around $30 to $60/mo. Higher-tiered packages can run $100/mo. or more. Equipment and add-on packages can also increase the monthly cost.

  • Is it cheaper to bundle cable TV and internet?

    Quite often, yes. Most cable TV providers offer price discounts and other incentives, such as equipment upgrades, when you bundle TV and internet together. Call our cable TV and internet experts to hear about special offers from cable TV providers in your area.

  • Who is the cable provider in my area?

    You could have access to multiple TV and internet options from cable, fiber and satellite providers. To find cable providers, such as Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity, in your area, enter your ZIP and click “Shop plans” at the top of the page. We’ll show you available cable providers and plans in your new area.

  • Can I get satellite TV without a dish?

    No. A satellite dish is required for traditional satellite TV service. However, if you do not want a satellite dish or are restricted from installing one, AT&T TV NOW (formerly DIRECTV NOW) offers live TV streaming without needing a satellite dish.

  • Is satellite TV equipment and installation expensive?

    Satellite TV providers often include select equipment such as the satellite dish, mounting hardware and cables at no extra cost. Standard satellite installation services are also commonly included for free.

  • What is the difference between cable TV and satellite TV?

    The main difference between cable TV and satellite TV is how you receive the channel signal at your home. Cable TV uses a wired connection and receiver box to bring the TV signal into your house. Satellite TV uses a satellite to receive the signal and display the channels on your TV.

  • Can I get fiber-optic service?

    Availability for fiber-optic TV or internet service varies by location. Service availability is currently most common in large metro areas, but many fiber-optic service providers are continuously expanding their fiber networks. Call to find out if your address is eligible for fiber-optic TV and internet services.

  • Is fiber-optic TV expensive?

    As fiber-optic TV and internet service has become available in more places, monthly costs for TV and internet bundles have dropped to prices similar to cable and satellite services. TV packages can start as low as $20-$30/mo., with bundles starting as low as $50/mo.*

    *Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 06/16/20.

Bundles FAQs

  • Can you bundle cell phone service with internet and TV?

    Some providers like Spectrum and Xfinity offer discounted wireless internet service when you bundle with an additional home service. See more about the savings you can get from a cellphone home service bundle with a provider near you.

  • How much can I save by bundling TV, internet and phone?

    You can save quite a bit per month by bundling internet, TV and phone services. Monthly savings depend on the provider and what package options you choose, but generally, the more channels and faster speeds you purchase, the higher your savings. Additionally, you may get equipment upgrades, special contract options or other incentives for bundling internet, TV and phone.

  • What internet can you bundle with DISH or DIRECTV?

    Multiple internet providers bundle internet and TV with DISH and DIRECTV services. You can bundle DISH with Frontier, HughesNet, Verizon and Windstream. You can bundle DIRECTV with AT&T, CenturyLink, HughesNet and Mediacom.

  • How much is basic cable and internet?

    Some of the cheapest TV and internet packages range from $45 to more than $100. How much you pay depends on the provider you choose, if you commit to a service term, your internet speeds and how many channels you want.