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Can I get cable in my area?

As the availability of cable TV can vary greatly across the country the best place to find out who offers cable in your area is with our cable TV zipcode checker.

When you enter your zipcode and click “Check” we’ll be able to tell you immediately if cable is available in your area, which cable TV provider or providers can supply it to you and we’ll also show you a list of all of the cable TV packages and bundles that you have to choose from.

Cable TV providers

Cable TV has yet to reach the levels of ubiquity in the USA, although USA cable providers do have a lot to offer including over 300+ digital TV channels, 75 HD channels plus access to a vast library of on-demand content – and all without the need for a satellite dish on the outside of your home.

Currently there are only a handful of cable TV providers in the USA with their degree of availability being one of the main differences between them.

What if I can’t get cable TV in my area?

If our zipcode checker tells you that you can’t get cable in your area right now it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get it in the future.

The cable network is being extended every day with more towns and cities becoming cabled every week. So, if you really want cable TV then we recommend rechecking our cable TV zipcode checker about once a month. Just as soon as your area becomes cabled we’ll have the details ready and waiting for you.

Why choose cable TV?

There is such a range of great TV packages out there that will enhance your viewing experience. Here are three great reasons to pick up a cable TV deal.

A great variety of programing

Whatever your tastes, you should be able to find a TV package that ticks all your boxes as there’s such a huge amount of content out there. From the best US entertainment and drama, an array of live sporting events or lists of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, you can’t fail to find something that’ll whet your appetite.

New ways to watch your content

The ceaseless march of technological advancement means a new and exciting way to watch your content is just around the corner. Be it HD, online players, 3D, multiform services or via digital TV recorders, there are so many ways to keep up-to-date with your favorite shows. Most major TV providers offer these as paid-for or free extras, so you should factor that in when you’re making your decision.

Most TV deals can be bundled up with broadband and phone plans

Currently there are four major providers that give you the option of bundling up your TV package in a broadband and TV bundle. If you use these services, this is a fantastic way both to simplify your billing and reduce your monthly expenses. Companies like AT&T and SPECTRUM have very competitive TV prices, and offer both standard and fiber broadband, so you can match your speed with your needs.

Pros & cons


  • A great variety of programming
  • New ways to watch your content
  • Bundles can cost less than buying separately


  • Not all TV packages are available USA-wide
  • Some deals require installation fees
  • More expensive than a simple Freeview box

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